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Pure Silk Men's Tank Top

Pure Silk Men's Tank Top

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Well this one is something...pure woven silk tank top for the hottest days at your adventures. Experience wearing "nothing". 
This tank top is made from light 100% pure matte silk. Make use of its versatile shape and wear it cycling, running, name it.
Silk's properties are the best for wearing in summer days. The fabric is breathable and with a cold feel to the skin, especially when wet. 
The top is cut on bias - meaning we are using mechanical stretch of the fabric to its advantage of the movement. 
Made to order production time is 2-3 weeks.


100% silk

Shipping & Returns

Shipping with Packeta to pick up location or to a home address.

Returns are possible 3 weeks after purchase.

Because the colors are "alive" we do not accept reclamations due to color shift. In return we do offer re-dye service to brighten up your jersey.


  • wash cold on gentle cycle or in hand
  • hang to air - dry
  • iron on low
  • use special detergents determined for silk

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