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Summer Socks Dirty

Summer Socks Dirty

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And then there's been socks. 

Light and thin weave for summer heat. Dyed to perfection of chain stain camouflage. Nice grip to the calf yet not too much. Ergonomic elastic parts to keep your heel and foot in place without a single move inside the shoe...well who wouldn't like that. 

As tribute to my dyslexia both socks write "MURA" at back of the leg. 



85% Polyamide

15% Lycra

Shipping & Returns

Shipping with Packeta to pick up location or to a home address.

Returns are possible 3 weeks after purchase.

Because the colors are "alive" we do not accept reclamations due to color shift. In return we do offer re-dye service to brighten up your jersey.


wash on 30

do not tumble dry

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Our models wear....

Well I thing that for socks you know what to do :)

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    Even tough natural dyes are colorfast, the shade can fade over a few years due to frequent sun exposure and washing. If you wish to lift color back or even change a shade we offer a re-dye service so you can enjoy our garments as long as possible. Just leave us an email at